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Shaikh Alaa ElSayed
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Shaykh Alaa Elsayed was born in Cairo and used to reside in Egypt. He was a vice president of a successfully international company. The Shaykh has an ijazah for Quran recitation and has studied comparative religion. He has also earned a scholarship from the Shariah academy in Egypt/Florida. Various channels have featured the Shaykh on different subjects of Islam. As a member of the Calgary Multi-Faith Committee and a member of Muslim Christian Dialogue Committee, the shaykh has a strong presence internationally.
Shaykh Huzaifah Khan
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Huzaifah Khan is currently the assistant Director of Religious affairs at ISNA Canada. He leads the prayers at the Islamic Centre of Canada (ISNA Canada) and runs the Quran Classes at the centre. He Finished his memorization of Quran in 1994 at Jamiah al Uloom il Islamiyyah located in Ajax, ON, and has a degree in Islamic Studies from Jamiyah Talim-ul-Islam located in Dewsbury, UK. He has been leading Taraweeh Since 1996 at various Masjids and Centres in North America and has been leading at the islamic centre of Canada (ISNA Canada since 2007.
Shaykh Abdulla Idrees
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Originally from the Sudan. Came to Canada in 1977 as a graduate student at the University of Toronto (for a Ph.D. in International Relations). Began his work in Education in Canada as a teacher for Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Islamic Centre of Toronto (Jami Mosque).

Currently, he is a Board of Trustee member of the Iman Fund which was the Allied Assets of the Islamic Dow Jones Index Fund.  For the last 10 years, he chaired the ISNA Education Forum that attracts more than 250 schools and close to a thousand teachers every year.  Currently, he is back in Canada working as the Deputy Secretary General of ISNA Canada.
Sheikh Hosam Helal
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Imam Hosam Helal currently serves as the Imam and Religious Affairs Director at Islamic Society of St. Catharines. He also serves as the Associate Chaplain at Brock University, an instructor at ISNA Canada, and a director of Mishkah Social Services. He previously served as the Imam at the Muslim Association of Hamilton and Program Coordinator at ISNA Canada. He has served as Imam, khateeb, teacher, and instructor for the last 10 years at several universities throughout Canada and the United States. Imam Hosam Helal completed his education in Health Sciences, Sociology, Neuroscience, and Near & Middle Eastern Civilization at the University of Toronto and in Quran exegesis at Al-Azhar University. He memorized the Quran at the age of eight and has since received several Ijazahs in its recitation styles. As the founder and instructor of Quran Journey, he travels across the world with the intentions of helping Muslims reconnect deeply with the Quran.
Imam Ismail Ulghar
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Imam Ismail Ulghar is the main Imam and 'Director of Religious Affairs' at the Islamic school(MUA) of Toronto. Imam Ismail also serves as a teacher for Arabic, Islamic Studies, Quranic Studies at Islamic school (MUA) Toronto also Imam at regular weekend prayer at Masjid al Jannah Markham elsewhere. Imam Ismail Ulghar has served as Imam and teacher since 2004 in GTA Canada.

He is a Member of world religious parliament Currently enrolled at the Chaplaincy institute California Member of CCMT Member of CCI and active volunteering various organizations such as HCI (Human concern international) Imam Ismail Ulghar was born and raised in the Gujarat India.

He enrolled in the Institute of Islamic Education located in Gujarat lndia. There, he became a ḥāfiẓ of the Qurʾān at age of 13, In 2000 he graduated from a dars-i niẓāmī program offered by the university Gujarat India In 2001 went to jalalabad for practicing jurisdictions (fiqh) studeis for all fiqh of tought. He is holding a masters in Islamic studies. He earned authorizations in Hadith and tafsir under the many seniors a scholars including Shaikh muhyuddin barodvi and Shaikh Waliullah He is qualified and trained in the Sab'ah Asharah recitations of the Quran with a special license from his professors to teach the recitations.

He can Speak Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi and Gujarati