Super Economical

16 day

Departure : August 2nd – 17th
Date : Aug 2nd, 2019


Sold 100%

Premium Express

16 day

Departure : August 1st – 16th
Date : Aug 1st, 2019


Sold 100%

Premium Value

20 day

Departure : August 1st – 20th
Date : Aug 1st, 2019


Sold 100%


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  • Departure Toronto: Dec 26, 2019 Return to Toronto : Jan 5, 2020 3 Nights Madinah first then 4 Nights Makkah 
    • Complete Umrah visa processing and handling 
    • Luxury bus pickup from Airport and transfer from Madinah to Makkah 
    • Juma Prayer in Makkah inshaAllah 
    • Historiocal site visit both in Madinah & Makkah 
    • Daily Spiritual gatherings (Halaqas) with Imam and Q&A in English & Arabic by Sheikh Hosam Helal 
    • Top rated 5 Star Hotels near Haram in Makkah & Madinah with open buffet Breakfast daily Madinah: 3 nights in PULLMAN ZAM ZAM Makkah: 4 nights in Mövenpick Hajar – Makkah Clock Tower 
    • Imam & group leader available to assist you daily throughout the trip 
    • Detailed full Umrah information seminars prior travel date in English 
    • Dates shopping in Madinah inshaAllah

Free Ihram for Brothers

Free Prayer mats for sisters

Gift of 5L Zam Zam for each Guest insha Allah


Quad Occupancy – 2975.00

Triple Occupancy – 3075.00

Double Occupancy – 3275.00

All quoted Prices are in CCanadian Dollars per adult, VAT and Municipality Taxes included. Sisters age 45+ can travel with the group. For prices in US dollors and child and infant discount please call us. 

Prices are subject to change based on availability and any changes from the Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia without prior notice.

IMPORTANT! As per the Ministry of Hajj; Those who performed Hajj in the past 3 years are subject to an additional SR 2000 Hajj visa fee (Approx. $750 CAD). This fee is charged when issuing the visa

It is my first time going for Hajj, I don’t know which package to choose; Can you help me?
How many stops will we have when flying for Hajj?
It is my first time going for Hajj, a lot of family members and friends recommended to go for the shortest package and later I can go for Umra to enjoy my stay in Saudi Arabia. Which package is better the shorter or the longer package?
I was thinking to perform Hajj this year, but for some personal reason I am thinking to delay it until next year. Is this a personal preference or do I have to go this year?
I heard that when going to Hajj I must not have any loans on me, I can afford to go to Hajj but I have my mortgage or my student loan. What shall I do?
When is the last day to sign up for Hajj?
Can I register my name now, and pay you later on?
How do I know that I am registered for Hajj with Falcon Travel?
I heard that some Hajis who were not Canadian citizen, but they have a valid PR card and couldn’t go to Hajj in 2014, will I have a problem?
What is the Mutawif Fee/Hajj Draft?
Can I do my own Qurbani “Sacrifice” in Saudi Arabia?
Which airline does Falcon use for my package?
I am a Canadian citizen or a Canadian Permanent Resident but I currently live outside of Canada, and wish to perform Hajj with a Canadian group. Can I join in from the country which I am in now? Will I also be saving money?
Can I visit my country or any other country as a part of my Hajj package?
It is my first time going for Hajj, I don’t know which package to choose; Can you help me?